a liar and a fake

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it’s a shame that Malia Sioux turned out to be a total lying cheating piece of shit, once an atlanta stripper always an atlanta stripper i guess. never trust a big but and a smile…..


peacock pass

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i went into the mountains with my kiddos again today. on our first trip we went up wrist canyon and into stove prairie, on our way we passed a sign that said peacock pass, since then  i’ve wanted to take that road, so today that’s the path we took. this area is much more forested than most of the driving we’ve done and once you turn onto peacock pass it turns into a dirt road immediately.  we drove about an hour until we reached the buck horn ranger station, next time we’re going to try to go a bit further and see what we can see.  Teagan loves taking pictures and we really have a great time.  it’s so far out of town up there and it feels good to get away from town every now and again.


these leaves look like dead mice ect. ect.

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here are a couple of pictures of me and miles laying down some vocal and guitar tracks for our black metal band, Shawn is behind the camera taking a quick break from drumming.  i’m really excited about making music with these two, shawn and i speak the same language and have a lot of the same taste in this style of music and miles is one of those 20year old guitar wizards who can whip up a riff out of thin air in no time.


the morning after this practice i wandered through my daughters front yard on my way to pick her up when i nearly tripped myself trying not to step on what i thought was a dead mouse. when i looked down i was shocked to see the lawn littered with dead mice! and in almost the same instant i realized that they were all curled up dead leaves lying about….. i was in need of some serious caffeine.

to the mountains!!

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“I Lost Touch With me
I was And Still Am Fire

To the Mountains!!

Live Breath Sense Move
I know It pains me too

To the Mountains!!

Lies, deceit
Fright, escape
Caught, burdened
Gone, trapped
Get up, on your feet
Give me, your very self
It’s time to Rise!

Persist Progress
Chin up
And Ignite!
To the Mountains!!

Cast the light – deadly trail
I see it now
Sky is lit – opens up
I want my share
Lift me up – carry me
I need you now
Heal the wounds – bloody deep
I have to stop

To the Mountains!!”

lyrics by satyr

this song and these lyrics in a way have become the theme and catalyst or at very least captures the feeling  for my past few months.  i’ve been doing a lot of traveling both for “work” and to satisfy my own personal wanderlust.  i’ve been fortunate in meeting great people who i admire and look up to, and each time i’ve been greeted with awesome hospitality and general good people. recently i’ve been taking long drives deep into the mountains with my kids to help me and them better connect with the beautiful place we come from.  both of these types of travel have benefited my work greatly and given me endless inspiration while also strengthening my relationships and appreciation for my loved ones, friends and family alike.  i’ve also been getting into some music projects with Shawn McDonald something we have both been talking a lot about for a while now.  as always i love magnetic, Loveland, and my close friends and family. we keep a tight circle and i couldn’t ask for better people in it.

this is how we woke up on saturday of the rochester convention, deffinatly a suprise put pretty fuckin cool.

the rochester booth, my first and so far my favorite convention.
the tattoo i did on my dad on his visit to colorado and below it is the one i did a week later at the rochester convention.
view outside of the hotel in rochester.
the view outside the hotel in rochester.
the view inside the hotel in rochester
this is one of the planes we loaded onto to get to a larger airport, i love shooting from inside and around the plane, for some reason it feesl like you shouldn’t be doing it so of course i want to do it.
view from the salt lake city hotel.
salt lake city booth.
i got to do a couple of really cool tattoos in salt lake including this flower and sailor girl, i painted the weed page just before the convention for the occasion, its one of my personal favorites so far.
no matter how much i love the tattooing part of conventions my favorite part is always dinner, i feel greatful for being able to take part in these dinner time conversations.
there were one of these on nearly every light post in salt lake it seemed, what a clean city.
the drive both to and from salt lake regaurdless of the shitty weather was beautiful.
after we got home it was time to fuck around a bit and do some new tattoos and paintings.
my grandma has had this crawling panther forever and has a huge one lurking somewhere around here house, i can’t count how many times i’ve seen these things, when i saw them again recently it made me feel connected to tattooing in a way.
next we were off to san francisco for my first time.
we did alot of walking around late at night after the convention had closed it was a weird way to view the city, later on monday we spent all day trecking the city seeing and doing as much as we could. when we got back we were so tired that shawn had to go to the emergency room for exhaustion after painting all day the day we got back. it was one of the best times i’v e ever had.
san francisco breakfast.
did this tattoo at the convention.
after many years we meet to do battle once more…
i hate pictures of myself for the most part but i was really greatful to get to come to this place, a mural in the height by my love malia and her dad tony machado.
back home to the mountains!!
after i got back my former student and comrade malia sioux and i decided it was time for a short road trip to get tattooed.  we hit up a tattooer who we both really admire named ben siebert at an awsome shop in wichitaw called hell bomb.  all of the tattooers at hell bomb are great artist and wonderful guys.  their hospitality was through the roof and we really had a great time and drew a lot of great inspiration from all of the guys there steve, heath, and ben. 
it was a nice restful trip and no matter how bad we were hurtin from our new tattoos that was one of the best nights of sleep i’ve had in a while.
as soon as we got back home we started drawing and painting, the second land locked show was comming up and we were both full of ideas for all kinds of new projects. this is malia durring the fox hours our favorite time to work.
i also started taking trips to the mountains to enjoy the enviornment i’ve been blessd to be in.
a page inspired by my trip to china town.
my daughter loves trips into the mountains, its some of my favorite bonding time we’ve had, so much good comes out of this time for us.
land locked is a show that shawn devised to help promote tattooing in colorado and consists of only colorado tattooers.  all of magnetic loves this state and hopes to help advance tattooing in colorado. i was born and raised here and i hope to give back to this beautiful state and my passion.
breezy before the landlocked show at think tank.

born n’ raised

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“Where “Where the Columbines Grow” by A.J. Fynn, 1915

Where the snowy peaks gleam in the moonlight,
Above the dark forests of pine,
And the wild foaming waters dash onward,
Toward lands where the tropic stars shine;
Where the scream of the bold mountain eagle
Responds to the notes of the dove
Is the purple robed West, the land that is best,
The pioneer land that we love.

Tis the land where the columbines grow,
Overlooking the plains far below,
While the cool summer breeze in the evergreen trees
Softly sings where the columbines grow.

The bison is gone from the upland,
The deer from the canyon has fled,
The home of the wolf is deserted,
The antelope moans for his dead,
The war whoop re-echoes no longer,
The Indian’s only a name,
And the nymphs of the grove in their loneliness rove,
But the columbine blooms just the same.

Let the violet brighten the brookside,
In sunlight of earlier spring,
Let the fair clover bedeck the green meadow,
In days when the orioles sing,
Let the golden rod herald the autumn,
But, under the midsummer sky,
In its fair Western home, may the columbine bloom
Till our great mountain rivers run dry.